Q & A of my Farewell Tour

May 17, 2019


I have decided to shorten my farewell tour, with the last day being May 31st, 2019 -- if not sooner!  


Many of you are asking me what is next for me and I have a lot of you asking me questions, so I thought I would try to answer them here.  

The most frequently asked question is:


Will you still make an exception and see me when you finish?  


Sorry gentlemen, but that answer is a "No".  I've decided that once I hang up my hat, that it that.  I have a lot of new things on the go, and I will be one very busy lady!  


Another frequently asked question is, Will I be going back to Canada?  No, -- I've lived in New Zealand for 20 years - almost 21.  I am a definite Caniwi -- (Canadian Kiwi), and New Zealand is my home.  As such, there is a very real possibility that you will see me in another rather public capacity. Just remember, that Shelby has retired .. xxx


I will be keeping up my blog as well as the PODCASTs "Sex talk with Shelby" - soon to be launched so an aspect of Shelby will be around.


Another thing that I have started is my book.  Yes,  a book.  "Memoirs of a Strumpet" This book will take a more serious look at what escorting has taught me about living and loving, not a smutty tell-all --- sorry.



However, that is not to say that there isn't something else in the works , that will titillate and taunt you -- there is!!!


I will be launching more details on this very very soon.


In the meantime, have a great day and remember to smile xxx


Shelby xxxxx









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