Confessions of a Strumpet

August 9, 2017


I discovered sex very early on.  Not sure exact age,  but I do remember masturbating regularly ..............


I remember watching old Westerns and really admiring the  Saloon Girls and Belle Watling from Gone with the Wind --- she inspired me!


When I first starting in the worlds oldest profession, I was so scared .... so nervous.....Sure I'd had a lot of sexual experiences (or so I thought at the time), but I just didn't know what to expect. Was I pretty enough ? was I too fat?  were my boobs pert enough? was I too old?


 Initially  I was only "on the grind" out of financial desperation ...... four months later I had  sorted out the moola, was in another toxic relationship with a Solicitor. and back to living an unauthentic life. Bored out of my mind, unhappy as hell...being the "good little wifey" and longing to go back to where I truly felt I belonged.  The brothel!!  


I had made such great friends in that environment --- strong confident women.  Real women... some of the best people I have met I have met while "on the loose".  Both men and women --- my eyes were beginning to open.  I had never felt so liberated, so strong, so fucking gorgeous as I had those four months at the brothel.


However, you know ..... what would people think if they found out?  The social stigma and pressures had won, and I was now living in misery with a miserly lawyer (think Scrooge).


Fast forward to 2014 ---- August . That's when I threw caution to the wind and said "Hi there all you dirty slappers ---- I'm home!"  


When I get asked "Are you working?" -- my answer is "I never work....this is my life!"  This time I came back not for financial reasons, but because I was horny as hell...and not interested in settling back into a monogamous relationship.  One year at a well-known Wellington Brothel before venturing out independently.....but enough about me.


What I have learned about life, love and well love in the last 3 years has been astronomically life changing.  The great people I have met, that have invited me into their life, their world, and their heart has truly truly humbled me.  The things people have shared with me makes me feel so honored that they choose to share that with me.  I know that I am not the only Escort who feels this way.


And the orgasms!  Can't forget about those.  You know they really do keep you younger, healthy, happier and hornier, a self-fulling cyclical thing really.  I am convinced that facials are great for your skin, and regular cock-sucking helps keep your face nice and tight!  


The link between sex and spirituality is undeniable to me and  has become my new learning addiction!  More on this later.


On that note,  I must run.  Happy orgasms everyone!  xxxx






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